Decorative Chalkboards

Finding the perfect decorative chalkboard.

When shopping for decorative chalkboards you may find an assortment of chalkboards to choose from. But, if you are the creative type, you may consider making your own decorative chalkboards. You may be able to find chalkboards with untreated wood frames at art supply and craft stores. Purchase some brushes and craft paint and you can paint and design your own chalkboard frames. You can also buy a variety of other craft materials to use to decorate your chalkboard frame. You may also be able to find chalkboard chalk packs and color chalkboard chalk at craft stores as well. If you can't find any slate boards at craft stores, you can always got to a home improvement store where they sell wood and make your own frame or just buy a wood frame. You can then buy chalkboard fabric and make your own decorative chalkboards that way.

As mentioned before, there are many types of styles of decorative chalkboards. You can find mini decorative chalkboards, medium decorative chalkboards or large decorative chalkboards. You may also be able to find frameless decorative chalkboards and chalkboards with metal frames, wood frame decorative chalkboards and even wrought iron decorative chalkboards. Other types of decorative chalkboards may include and ivory chalkboard or a french chalkboard. Just a quick search on the internet can reveal many other type of decorative blackboards and slates. You may be surprised at what you can find and how creative some of them can be.

When shopping for a chalkboard, you may find that the prices can actually vary greatly. You may be able to pay as low as $5 for one of these chalkboards but can pay as much as $400 for an antique chalkboard or rare one. For the most part, expect to pay anywhere from $10-100 for a decorative chalkboard. If you are lucky you may be able to find some deals at a second hand store or you may also be able to find a deal on online auctions. Just keep your eyes open because you may be surprised at what you might be able to find.

You can also find a variety of other types of a decorative chalkboard. While shopping, you may find a kids chalkboard with cars or a girls chalkboard with dolls. You may also find unique chalk boards such as a ceramic figurine holding a slate or a blackboard for every day of the week. Some blackboards double up as coat hangers.

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