Large Chalkboard

Comparing large decorative chalkboards.

Small chalkboards are great if you use the board to make a few notes or lists. They are also great if you are hanging the chalkboard within a small area such as on the fridge or on an easel which is on the counter top. A small chalkboard may also be good for a kids. It is a lot easier for a kid to use a chalk board when the chalkboard is small rather than large. A small chalkboard would also be great to hang next to the entrance of the house for when your family enters or exits. Small chalkboards defiantly have their place but there are going to be times where small chalkboards are not going to be enough and you would probably do better with a big or large chalkboard.

A large chalkboard or big chalkboard can be nice because the surface area is sometimes much greater than a smaller chalkboard. Because the surface area is greater, it may be able to hold more information or to allow more freedom while drawing or writing. A large chalkboard may not work well on an easel which is on a counter top as it may not work well on a fridge. But, a large chalkboard may work well in a home office, a rec room or a basement. A large chalkboard can hang from the wall or be propped up against a wall. A large chalk board can also site on a rather large easel, or you can purchase a big chalkboard with wheels.

Outside of the home, large chalkboards can be found and used at various locations. You can find large chalkboards at libraries, school and offices to name a few. Large chalkboards are often mounted on walls or are mounted on wheels so they can be moved around wherever and whenever. These chalkboards can be called portable chalkboards. Large chalkboards are especially useful in classrooms where the teacher or professor can write quite a bit of information on them.

The prices of large chalkboards can very quite a bit. You can purchase a decorative chalkboard at a retail store from $15-30. This is usually for a low end model of a large blackboard. But, you can spend as much as $2,000 for a larger and higher end model blackboard. These type of chalkboards are reserved for larger institutions rather than the individual. Shop around and you are bound to find a blackboard that fits your budget.

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